ANTARES Advisory Boards

ANTARES project incorporates two external bodies: Scientific Advisory Board and Innovation Advisory Board. Both boards are comprised of world-renowned experts willing to provide their specific expertise to the benefit of the new CoE and ensure that all decisions are made taking into account the current trends in science and innovation.

ANTARES Scientific Advisory Board:

Country: BE
Affiliation: ILVO
Specific Expertise: Scientific director of Agricultural engineering, Member of EIP-Agri focus group on precision farming

Country: GR
Affiliation: Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Specific Expertise: Editor-in-chief of Elsevier’s “Computers and electronics in agriculture”, expert in precision farming and agri-robotics

Country: IT
Affiliation: JRC, MARS
Specific Expertise: Expert in Earth observations for agrifood sector, MARS

Country: UK
Affiliation: Univ. Stratchlyde
Specific Expertise: Expert in IoT for agriculture, co-founder of Silent Herdsman spin-off

Country: AT
Affiliation: Technical Univ. of Vienna
Specific Expertise: Materials Engineering for Nanoelectronics, Dean of Studies (Electrical engineering Department)

Country: CR
Affiliation: University of Split
Specific Expertise: Remote sensing (Hyperspectral); Organizational expertise: University Vice-rector, Deputy Minister of science of Croatia

Country: GR
Affiliation: IAASARS/NOA
Specific Expertise: Remote sensing, Sentinel

ANTARES Innovation Advisory Board:

Country: RS
Affiliation: Delta Group
Specific Expertise: Regional market-leader in the entire agrifood chain of the Balkans

Country: IT
Affiliation: Engineering SpA
Specific Expertise: Director of Application Research; Key player in Big data, e-gov, IoT

Country: CY
Affiliation: Startup Cyprus
Specific Expertise: Startups, entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Liaison to Teaming RISE

Country: DE
Affiliation: Startupbootcamp
Specific Expertise: Startups, entrepreneurship, Mentoring to high-tech companies

Country: RS
Affiliation: Vojvodina ICT cluster
Specific Expertise: CEO of the regional ICT cluster

Country: GR
Affiliation: SEPVE
Specific Expertise: President of the Assoc. of IT companies of N. Greece, owner of Gnomon Informatics SA

Country: BE
Affiliation: Porphyrio
Specific Expertise: Pioneer entrepreneur in ICT for agriculture, Member of EIP-Agri focus group on precision farming