WP6 – Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building


  • To transfer knowledge and expertise to BioSense Institute staff in areas of expertise of WR with emphasis on agronomic know-how, business development and organizational capacities.
  • To understand and apply best practices concerning deployment and utilization of ICT systems in agrifood and obtain hands-on experience through exchange of researchers.
  • To support researchers of BioSense in scientific and professional improvements and specializations.
  • To expose WR researchers to the challenges of Serbian agriculture and allow them to participate in the design and development of solutions with global applicability.
  • To expose Serbian researchers to advanced working environments in the EU.
  • To train BioSense staff in complementary skills.
  • To provide constant support to BioSense project team.

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP6Knowledge transfer and Capacity BuildingFrits van Evert
T6.1Mobility of staff (between WR and BioSense)Frits van Evert/ Oskar Marko
T6.2Specific missions to third partiesOskar Marko
T6.3Trainings (from WR to BioSense and Serbian research community)Frits van Evert/ Oskar Marko
T6.4Ad-hoc supportFrits van Evert/ Oskar Marko