WP2 – Human Resources


  • To develop and reinforce human potential of BioSense Institute, necessary for its evolvement into a European Centre of Excellence, both in specific research fields as well as in business development
  • To define a detailed set of skills, expertise, experience, and references required for all new positions.
  • To hire new staff – from announcing open positions, through collecting and processing applications, setting-up and executing interviews, making decisions, and performing all activities related to hiring (visas, work permits, contract signature, support in moving)
  • To monitor work performance of all BioSense’s employees (newly hired as well as the existing).

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP2Human resourcesNikolina Janković
T2.1Identification of specific requirements for new positionsNikolina Janković/ Oskar Marko
T2.2Promotion/advertising of job opportunitiesBojan Gavrilović/
Maja Radišić
T2.3Interviews and selectionNikolina Janković/ Oskar Marko
T2.4Contract preparation and procedures managementBojan Gavrilović/
Maja Radišić
T2.5Performance monitoringGoran Kitić/
Oskar Marko


Month 01-15
Month 15-30
Month 01-30