1. To transform BioSense Institute into a European Centre of Excellence, by implementing the comprehensive business plan developed in ANTARES1 Phase 1 project.

2. To achieve and promote scientific excellence as the main driving force for sustainable socioeconomic development.

3. To transform scientific results into game-changing innovations and to stimulate business for a diverse cluster of stakeholders in the agrifood ecosystem.

4. To build a strategic, mutually beneficial partnership between two complementary research and innovation-intensive institutions, and to spread its benefits across the entire value chain.

5. To guarantee sustainability and growth of the new CoE, through a diverse set of income streams, capitalizing upon the competitive advantages and the market-driven research of BioSense.

6. To create long-term impact in terms of increased efficiency and reduced environmental footprint of the global agrifood production, while simultaneously engaging Serbia in a path of innovative growth that will reduce its sharp differences to high performing European countries.