WP4 – Joint Strategic Research Agenda


  • To set a framework for joint multidisciplinary research capable of providing answers to global challenges in the agrifood sector, based on complementarities in scientific expertise of WUR and BioSense;
  • To define strategic research axes, more detailed research directions, and concrete plans and schedules for performing joint research that will push further todays frontiers of knowledge;
  • To increase the impact of research in diverse contexts and catalyze the delivery of scientific ideas to market;
  • To strengthen the competitive positions of both institutions;
  • To create a long-term, mutually beneficial, and sustainable partnership between BioSense Institute and WUR

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP4Joint Strategic Research AgendaVladimir Crnojević
T4.1Definition of Joint Strategic Research AgendaSanja Brdar
T4.2Research orientation monitoring and re-assessment of JSRASanja Brdar
T4.3Synchronization with Business Development Activities Sanja Brdar/
Milica Trajković
T4.4Open and responsible science Sanja Brdar

Joint strategic research agenda – M15

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Joint strategic research agenda – M15 – M30

Joint strategic research agenda – BioSense & WUR connections – M6

Research axes

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