WP3 – Research Infrastructure


  • To design and construct a new building of the Institute, answering the specific needs of a European CoE.
  • To procure carefully selected research equipment, which will reinforce Institute’s scientific potential in carefully identified fields and contribute to its sustainability.
  • To create a dynamic and motivating physical environment for researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, students, agrifood stakeholders, and engage them in co-creation.

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP3Project ManagementGoran Kitić
T3.1Building’s architecture designGoran Kitić
T3.2Building constructionGoran Kitić
T3.3Building deliveryGoran Kitić
T3.4Equipment specificationGoran Kitić
T3.5Equipment procurementGoran Kitić/
Bojan Gavrilović
T3.6Equipment delivery, installation, and trainingGoran Kitić

Evolving BioSense into a European Centre of excellence requires significant investments into research infrastructure – the construction of the new building and acquiring the state-of-the-art research equipment. This endeavor is made possible by the national co-financing of ANTARES, provided by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.