WP7 – Dissemination and Networking


  • To promote BioSense CoE as the regional leader in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research for the benefit of the agrifood sector.
  • To broadly promote ANTARES project results and spread excellence in the broader West Balkans region.
  • TTo establish new and maintain existing collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • To release promotional packages of the new CoE.
  • To present the increased scientific potential of BioSense CoE at high impact conferences.
  • To promote research excellence and assure the visibility of the new CoE through organization of Workshops.
  • To advance international experience and contacts and develop strong partnership and sustainable cooperation with EU partners.

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP7Dissemination and NetworkingTamara Trninić
T7.1Dissemination Strategy and Plan DevelopmentTamara Trninić
T7.2Dissemination tools and materialTamara Trninić
T7.3Face-2-face interaction with key stakeholdersTamara Trninić
T7.4Participation in international and regional eventsTamara Trninić
T7.5Organization of annual BioSense International WorkshopTamara Trninić
T7.6Spreading excellence across the regionZeljka Dukić/
Tamara Trninić