WP1 – Project Management


  • To ensure coordination and management of activities within the Project.
  • To manage the overall legal, financial, administrative, and ethical aspects of the Project.
  • To monitor Project implementation and re-assess overall progress.
  • To identify and monitor potential risks (both internal and external) and to resolve possible problems and conflicts regarding the execution of the work plan.
  • To coordinate the work between Project team and external bodies (i.e. Scientific and Innovation Advisory Boards).
  • To oversee the promotion of gender equality in the Project and respect of all ethical issues and ethics requirements

Work Package And Tasks Leaders

WP1Project ManagementVesna Bengin
T1.1Administrative coordinationMaja Radišić
T1.2Financial coordinationBojan Gavrilović
T1.3Quality Management and Data managementBranko Šikoparija
T1.4Progress Monitoring, re-assessment, and reportingBojan Gavrilović/ Maja Radišić
T1.5Management of external bodiesBojan Gavrilović/ Maja Radišić
T1.6Clustering with other Teaming projectsVesna Bengin